Mar 8th

Illuminated Velocity
Illuminated Velocity By Kaylith Zeurra

The last ships are leaving for this exclusive alien planet. Get your hyper space sleep on before it’s too late!

That’s right folks! One week left before Multiverse disappears into a black hole possibly never to be seen again! I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the designers who put time and effort in to creating such fantastic products. And a special thank you to Sohma of *paper moon* for putting together a stunning venue for everyone to see. She really brought my dream of bring Sci-Fi back to the Second Life event scene to life in a special way.

Spread the word and let people know there is a week left! Don’t want anyone to miss a chance to see the venue first hand and be one of the first people to enjoy some special new products.

-Mirajai Maven

Mar 1st

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Feb 4th

Feburary has started in a quick flurry so this notice is a bit late on the website. Apologies! If you know any friendly sci-fi centric bloggers please tell them that Multiverse is looking for bloggers!

Jan 16

For those of you wondering about certain things please check out the FAQs. They will be updated as questions come in!

(9 Days left to get your designer application in!)

Jan 4

Visit the pinterest board here.

Please note this inspiration board does contain MOVIE SPOILERS. You have been warned.

(Also reminder while there are many fandom related pins, you must abide by the IP and TOS rules. No ripped content or blatant IP theft will be permitted.)

Jan 1

Designer Applications Now Open!

Dec 31

Since we are hours away from the future, what better way to welcome 2016 than with a celebration of all the scientific breakthroughs of 2015.

2015 in science!